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Last updated:
April 19, 2008.

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Specializing in Doctor Who, Whedonverse and Trek collectibles.

The Adventures of Mini-Doctor

The Adventures of Mini-Doctor in Japan and Hong Kong (Fall 2007)

Or better known as "how much fun can you have with a 5 inch figure when you're travelling". Join us as we chronicle the adventures of the 10th Doctor as he travels to Japan and Hong Kong.

It had been our intention to upload a different photograph of the Mini-Doctor every day during his travels to Japan and Hong Kong. However, as the days went by, it got more difficult to find the time (he left his TARDIS in Cardiff, after all) to work on the pages what with touring and typhoons to worry about. So here, in all its glory, is the complete photo log of the Mini-Doctor's adventures in Asia.

Mini-Doctor awaits his flight to Tokyo. His TARDIS is grounded for the time being (soaking up some energy in Cardiff).

After enduring the combined 25 hour flight to Tokyo/Yokohama, the Mini-Doctor gets a cup of coffee from a fantastic vending machine.

Mini-Doctor contemplates other drinks from the famous Japanese vending machines. They really know how to keep hydrated in Japan.

While visiting Yokohama, you can't miss the Shinyokohama Raumen Museum. The Mini-Doctor takes advantage of a lull in the World Con schedule to visit and have some tasty noodles.

Since the TARDIS is in Cardiff, there's no translating of anything in Japan. The Mini-Doctor has no idea what's on the menu but it all looks tasty.

The Mini-Doctor attends Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Convention and the first World Con held in Asia.

The Mini-Doctor discovers that Paul Cornell, one of his favourite biographers, has a kaffeeklatsch scheduled at the World Con.

The Mini-Doctor and Paul Cornell (one of his many talents is writing a few Doctor Who episodes such as Father's Day, Human Nature and Family of Blood). Paul's recent travels in Japan are well documented in his blog located at: Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness The Mini-Doctor highly recommends this site.

The Mini-Doctor attends the Hugo Awards to cheer on all the nominated Doctor Who writers.

The Mini-Doctor standing pompously in front of the Nippon 2007 logo.

Steven Moffat and the Mini-Doctor after Steven picked up his second consecutive Hugo Award (and Doctor Who's second consecutive Hugo Award) for Best Writing in a Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) for "The Girl in the Fireplace". Well done Steven!!

The Mini-Doctor stands on Steven Moffat's Hugo award. Hmmmm... Ultraman is a tiny bit taller than our hero -- but does he have a sonic screwdriver?

The Mini-Doctor has found Madame du Pompadour but alas, it's just a bakery. Poor Mini Doctor is left heart broken but at least she's got good buns. (Ok, please don't throw things ... it's a good pun, you gotta admit... besides you'll just break your monitor).

Taking a break from the convention, the Mini-Doctor takes a stroll along the Yokohama waterfront near the Marine Museum.

The Mini-Doctor obliges to be a test subject in the masquerade's fan photo area.

After the convention, a group of fans and the Mini-Doctor boarded a bus and went to the Ghibli Museum honouring Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away).

While visiting Yokohama, the Mini-Doctor and his companions stayed on the 54th floor of the Royal Park Yokohama Hotel located in the Landmark Building, also known as the tallest building in Japan.

Onward to Tokyo, the Mini-Doctor visits Namjatown at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. An obscure video game seems to have been behind the origins of this pseudo amusement area which boasts a lot of gyoza dumplings and Ice Cream town. The dumplings were tasty. The angry little kitty was cute.

It's Typhoon day and the Mini-Doctor decides to stay close to his hotel in Tokyo by going to the Sunshine City Aquarium. Here he stands on ... something. We're not exactly sure what ... it might be a seal.

The Mini-Doctor likes all creatures of the earth including this giant fish thing that we can't remember the name. This is what happens when a typhoon decides to hit when you're touring Tokyo. You forget a lot of details.

The Imperial Palace offers the Mini-Doctor a "Kodak moment" in front of the 2 stone bridges.

The Meiji Shrine provides a nice photo opportunity for the Mini-Doctor.

Next stop was the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo.

Mini-Doctor pays a visit to Tokyo Disneyland when just about the entire population of Tokyo decided to go too.

On a clear day, you still might not see Mount Fuji but the Mini-Doctor and his companions were lucky. Mount Fuji was visible very briefly before the clouds quickly rolled in and obscured it.

The Mini-Doctor visits Lake Ashi in a "pirate" boat. The beauty of the lake the surrounding mountains is unmatched.

The Mini-Doctor leaves Japan for Hong Kong. First stop: early dim sum in a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.

A trip to Hong Kong wouldn't be complete without a day trip to Macau. The Mini-Doctor visits the newly completed Venetian casino.

One of the most well known landmarks in Macau are the ruins of the Cathedral of Saint Paul's. Once the largest Roman Catholic church in asia, the cathedral was destroyed by fire in the 1835.

The Mini-Doctor decides to take a brand new tour of the New Territories Islands. The island hopping eco-tour has the Mini-Doctor visiting an old Hakka village.

In this fishing village, the scenery is breathtaking. What you don't see in this photo are the stray cows that dot the landscape. That would explain all the cow dung that was all over the trails.

The Mini-Doctor celebrates as he visits his 3rd Disney Park of the trip. From one corporate icon to another, the Mini-Doctor brings good wishes to the Mouse.

Not happy that the Master actually got elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Mini-Doctor decides to try his luck with Excalibur in Hong Kong Disneyland. Unfortunately, even the mini Timelord couldn't pry Excalibur from the stone so we won't be calling him King Mini-Doctor any time soon.



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