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Last updated:
April 8, 2010.

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Specializing in Doctor Who, Whedonverse and Trek collectibles.

The Adventures of Mini-Doctor

The Adventures of Mini-Doctor in Ottawa and Montreal

The Mini-Doctor accompanied his companions to Anticipation, the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The convention took place in August 2009. The Mini-Doctor's mode of transportation was the rather primitive automobile driven by one of his faithful companions. The Mini-Doctor detoured through Ottawa first before arriving in Montreal.

The Mini-Doctor visits Rideau Hall, home of the Governor General of Canada in Ottawa.

Mini Doc admires the large fountain outside Rideau Hall.

The Mini-Doctor goes shopping in Byward Market, Ottawa and encounters... Obama cookies. Hmmmm... at least it isn't Obama when he had the Master's face.

The Mini-Doctor walks around Byward Market

Beavertails? Oh wait, these are little pastries, not little animal parts. The Mini-Doctor approves of this delicacy. They don't taste like pears.

The Mini-Doctor surveys the Montreal skyline.

Every city has a Chinatown and a gate. Montreal is no exception.

No visit to Montreal is complete without a visit to Schwartz's deli for a smoked meat sandwich and a black cherry soft drink. The Mini-Doctor approves highly of such a diet. Mmmmm.

Mini-Doc attends Anticipation.

The Mini-Doctor meets up with his old friend Paul Cornell.

The Mini-Doctor gets a hand from Neil Gaiman, writer extraodinaire.

Mini-Doctor is a big fan of Neil Gaiman and the feeling seems to be mutual. Mini-Doctor has heard that Neil might become one of his scribes...although, he's also heard that it might be for his next face. What? Mini-Doctor becomes worried. He doesn't wanna go!

The End



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