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Last updated:
April 22, 2011.

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Specializing in Doctor Who, Whedonverse and Trek collectibles.

The Adventures of Mini-Doctor

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The Adventures of Mini-Doctor in Las Vegas

The Mini-Doctor decided that a trip to Vegas was in order. Unfortunately, instead of going to see the Rat Pack in the 1960's, he ended up in 2010. Oh well, Vegas is Vegas ... but what's up with all the ... statues?

The Mini-Doctor prepares to take a conventional airplane to Las Vegas rather than his TARDIS. He'd rather not lose the TARDIS in a poker game so better safe than sorry.

Welcome to Vegas!

Having dinner a the Noodle #9 shop in Caesar's Palace.

A hearty breakfast to start the day. It's amazing what a bit of plastic will eat.

New York, New York... the Mini Doctor wonders if there are any Daleks in that Empire State Building. He looks around for pig slaves.

The Mini Doctor decides a photo op in front of Bellagio is in order.

Paris didn't ever look like this. Oh look, Barry Manilow is town. Good thing this is Mini Doctor and not Mini Angel. (Angel fans will know what we mean ...)

The conversatory at Bellagio resembles a planet that Mini Doctor once visited. One with giant insects...

The Mini Doctor gets into the swing of things by joining a slot club.

Oh my, look at the chicken and ribs and all the fixings. The Mini Doctor laments the fact that he can't eat. His companions reluctantly help him out and consume the meal.

Don't blink ... don't stop looking ....

Nooooo, don't turn away!!

The Mini Doctor wonders what's more frightening, the statue or Jerry Seinfeld or Cher.

The place is full of statues. What's a poor Timelord to do!?

That one looks to be sleeping but still, the Mini Doctor keeps staring at it.

Hmmmm.... somebody needs oxygen... and it ain't the Mini Doctor.

The Mini Doctor mistook the trash can for a Dalek.

Yes, that's meat. The Mini Doctor poses in front of aging meat.


Uhhh.... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Visiting the Venetian is nothing like going to the real Venice. Of course, he'll find out more about Venice after he regenerates.

The Mini Doctor ponders the mystery that is the popularity of the Blue Man Group. WTH?

Enjoying the night life of Sin City. Why are Donny and Marie in Sin City?

The man who never would ... didn't really but his companions did.

It's a bit disconcerting that the shrimp cocktail is bigger than the Mini Doctor.

Ahhh... the Mini Doctor remembers downtown Vegas when it wasn't tacky pedestrian mall.

A little sonicing and dinner is on the Mini Doctor.

The Mini Doctor visits the Atomic Testing Museum ... just to keep score.

The End



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